Land Work

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Hefer Valley is a rural area located between the coastal Israeli city of Netanya and the Palestinian city of Tul-Karm.

26 years old Israeli Shmulik Botzer is the work manager of a large farm in Hefer Valley. Shmulik is struggling on a daily basis to save the farm from an economical breakdown.

40 years old Palestinian Nazar lives in Tul-Karm, the Palestinian Authority. He is the father of ten children. Nazar is working in Shmulik's farm, together with some other Palestinian workers. Nazar struggles to bring food for his ten children in times of endless curfews and rising poverty in Palestinian Authority

In order to get from Tul-Karm to his work, Nazar has to pass through an Israeli military checkpoint. Nazar holds a working permit allowing him to work in Israel. Most of his Palestinian coworkers don't.

The workers in the farm are staying in Israel without legal permission. Therefore they are going back home only once a week, bypassing the military checkpoints in various ways. During the time they are in Israel they are hosted in a large hangar in the farm.

They are growing huge fields of wheat, sunflowers and chick-pea. Together they spend their days in the fields, doing intensive physical work.

Out there in the fields they find relief from their daily worries and from the political reality. Out there in the fields they are free..
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